CSR Projects

Gain a competitive business advantage by delivering impactful CSR strategies.

We work with you to address the often-complex challenges of managing your impact on communities, society and the environment, while also creating and maintaining value for your shareholders, employees and the organization.
Our expertise includes stakeholder engagement and analysis, providing strategic advice, measurement and assessment, reporting and capacity building. A strategic perspective will enable you to set meaningful goals, measure performance and align your social actions and intentions to your core business, making Corporate Social Responsibility a value driver for your business.

Create purpose-driven initiatives to enhance company’s culture

We believe your corporate responsibility and sustainability policies should be fully integrated into your business strategies, processes and culture to truly maximize returns. We support you in identifying a societal purpose and formulating sustainable Corporate Social Responsibility Strategies and policies that are aligned to your vision. Our approach will help you enhance your company’s culture and positioning and often spotlight innovative solutions to complex, societal challenges. 

Develop and strengthen CSR portfolio

We build Corporate Social Responsibility Business practices and develop high impact projects with standard processes and systems for effective implementation. We also help analyze and improve CSR and societal engagement portfolios and identify goal-oriented investment and partnership opportunities. Aligned to your priorities, CSR strategies will increase profitability and enhance extrinsic value for your customers while addressing societal problems, positioning your company as a leader in creating social impact aligned to business.

Implement shared value strategies

Create shared value and innovate by engaging communities and stakeholders to address community needs and grow your business. A shared value approach can create new opportunities for you, leveraging the power of market-based competition to address social issues. We support you on how to address complex problems that require cross-sectoral collaboration and build partnerships for sustainability by identifying shared value opportunities, align CSR projects to the sustainable development goals (SDGs), build social business cases and design the change and peoples management processes.

Measurement & Reporting

We believe that it is critical to set up measurement systems and processes to capture all relevant data to evaluate the effectiveness of your CSR programs. By using the data and analytics, you can improve your programs – whether it’s a community or environmental project or a supply chain activity. Using Return on Investment (ROI), we create efficient structures for on the ground delivery, robust monitoring, evaluation and reporting framework, enabling you to grasp the competitive advantage that CSR can provide for your business goals.