About Junior XL Challenge

Pretty much everyone sees the world’s problems and wishes things were different. A whole lot of young people have creative ideas for solutions, but sadly most of the ideas are not taken forward. With this project, our aim is to identify and support those brave enough to put their ideas into actionable solutions.

We believe that today’s children and youth should become empowered economic citizens, capable of understanding the importance of being solution oriented and equipped with the skills to be employed and create their own livelihoods. We want young people to learn to take charge of their future. By empowering children and youth, we can help them create a positive wave that will expand from themselves, to their families and to entire communities.

Benefits for participating students

Learning to be Entrepreneurial
Engage with real-world challenges
Connect with like-minded peers
Opportunity to start a small business











Our well-designed training program will serve the needs of students who may wish to launch a business, develop sustainable solutions to important social problems or foster innovation for an established company. Students will have the opportunity to learn how to recognize opportunities, generate ideas and validate innovative business models.

Duration: (February – March 2018)

  • Training workshops for participating schools
  • Business visits during GMW 2018
  • GMW Pitch Event

Best 5 top pitches qualify for the next round.


This round serves as an applied learning laboratory for the top 5 winning ideas. The Junior XL Challenge will provide resources and support to help hatch and grow student businesses. There will be a summer BOOT CAMP where participants will have the opportunity to test their ideas and get ready to turn them into actions. Top 3 businesses have the potential to win seed funding and connections to financial investors, mentors and coaches with a wide depth of experience.

Duration (July – August 2018)

  • Summer boot camp
  • Advance training and support in turning ideas into solutions

Best 3 ideas get funding to run the business.



At this phase, we connect top 3 winners to young industry professionals who will guide and mentor their teams in various aspects. Participants get the opportunity to be hosted in a partnering incubation community.

  • Support with business registration and setup
  • Hosting in a partnering co-working community


Terms & Conditions


High School Students (15 years and above)

Category Focus:

There are two main categories the XL challenge will focus on;

    The primary purpose is to solve customer-oriented problems that by doing so will generate revenue and profit.
    The primary purpose is to solve a social problem and make a positive impact on people or the environment etc.


Applications are open from January 8 2018 and close on 5 February 2018. To mark Global money week, business visits and pitching competition will happen on the 2nd week of March 2018

Prize Levels:

Top 3 Teams have the opportunity to receive seed funding and direct connection to business