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Startup movements have been growing across the world, and Africa is not left out. African countries are amongst those with the highest ranking on people having their own enterprise, creating opportunities for employment growth, wealth creation, and reinventing the continent’s problems into solutions.
Startup Compound is a platform that provides expertise, tips, and resources needed to build a successful business in Africa. Whether you are thinking of starting a business, scaling up your business or you are a high growth company, we help you stay connected with top notch local content from inside the region delivered straight to your inbox.

Get personalized business content delivered to you

From best business practices to design thinking & adapting to digital innovation, Our team will bring to you the best content on topics and industries you care about.

  • Local Content: You will get updates from emerging and vibrant business ecosystems in cities like Lagos (Nigeria), Nairobi (Kenya), Cairo (Egypt), Cape Town and Johannesburg (South Africa), with many initiatives led from local and regional players. By sharing on-the-ground stories and experiences of successful businesses, entrepreneurs, investors and thought leaders inside the region, we envision a stronger and more self-reliant African business community.
  • Keep people connected: Stay connected with businesses, understand the similarities and celebrate the different aspects of best practices from inside the region, promoting the agenda of a prosperous Africa based on the community’s ability to engage with others for a bigger purpose.
  • Bridging Africa’s Knowledge Gap: Today, there are countless business events, investment opportunities and capacity building initiatives happening across the region with the aim to empower the business ecosystem. Get content and updates for opportunities that will maximize your learning and accelerate your business growth.

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